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Renting a New York Limo

My youngest son, who attends Princeton, called me last night to tell me about his upcoming plans as the end of the school year is approaching. He and his friends enjoy going to New York on the weekends and take advantage of all of the culture they can soak up while in the area. They have decided that they want to celebrate the end of the school year by renting a limousine to take them around New York in style for a few hours one night.

They are thinking about maybe going up to Mohegan Sun, or perhaps Atlantic City as part of the “end of the school year” celebration.  They can rent one of the limos to take them there, too!

They went online to look at the different limos that they can rent and to get limo rental service rates. They had a really hard time choosing which limo to rent, they have so many great ones – they all really liked the Hummer limos! But they think that they will settle on a 2008 Escalade because it is set up like a disco, so they can party while they are riding around in style!

What kind of job should the kids be training for?

One of the most difficult questions a kid can ask their parent is “What kind of job should I be working towards getting when I get out of school?”

I’ve heard that question several times from my kids, and it is a tough one.  I want them to be ultimately happy with the work that they do, but they also need to earn enough money to pay their bills!  And in today’s global market, and the new technologies that are already out there, and being developed, technology seems to be the key to the answer.

My advice has always been for them to think about their favorite subject in school and then talk to their teacher about what professions there are that use that knowledge from the class. What do YOU tell your kids?

Trophy wall

When I was in school I tried out for sports teams and never got picked for any of them, with the exception of the gymnastics team. Our school only went to one gymnastics meet, and we were soundly beaten by everyone. Our coach told us not to worry about it because we only had about three weeks to practice and the school we went up against had a lot of wealthy students that had obviously been taking private lessons for years. We sure felt like a bunch of ragamuffins against them, that is for sure. Needless to say, there are no sport trophies on my trophy wall. At least, not with my name on them!

My sons want to learn how to surf

Yesterday my sons approached me about making plans for the summer vacation.  School will be letting out soon, and they want me to sign them up for one of the surfing summer camps that their friends have been telling them about, where the students are taught how to surf.

Surf Camp offers surfing programs for kids, teenagers, adults, and families.  They offer day camps and overnight camps.  My sons are too old for the teenager’s camps, so they want to sign up for the overnight adult camp.  The overnight adult camp would be for one week, off the coast of North Carolina.  The camp takes them to several different islands for them to learn how to surf, and includes side trips that includes a boat trip to an undeveloped barrier island and a trip to the new 84,000 square-foot Fort Fisher Aquarium.