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Cosmetic surgery for me?????

Rachel, my friend who moved to St. Paul, called me this afternoon to “catch me up” on all the latest gossip about her and her family.  She told me that she has finally decided to go to a plastic surgeon about having her eyelids lifted.

She has noticed that her eyelids have been sagging a little bit more every year. The drooping eyelids have started to affect her ability to see clearly, so she feels that it is more of a medical necessity than a vanity issue.  Of course, the fact that it will make her look younger is an added bonus!

I’ve noticed that my eyelids have been drooping a lot lately, too.  Maybe I should consider having that done to me too! I wonder if any of my medical insurance would help to pay for any of it.

Medical malpractice insurance

One of the important things that kids need to think about, when it comes to career planning is if they are going to go into medicine, is how much they will need to pay for medical malpractice insurance. I remember about thirty years ago when I was friends with a guy who was thinking about becoming a pediatrician that he was telling me that when he got the quote from this insurance agency for going into a private practice by himself that he decided to join a group of doctors because the cost of the insurance was lower if he was associated with a group. Going out on his own was more than he could afford. I think it’s really sad that so many good medical practitioners have to charge really high prices to their patients because of the cost of insurance!

When it rains, it pours!

Lately whenever one of us goes out and the telephone rings, and my caller ID shows me that it is the cellphone of the person that has gone out, my mind immediately starts to wonder “what is wrong with the car now!” Twice in the past week my son has called to let us know that the car he is driving won’t start. The first time it was a broken serpentine belt. Second time it was a bad battery terminal. I didn’t even know that you could replace battery terminals!

It seems that all of our vehicles need immediate repairs.  Brakes, transmission, ignition switch, starter, serpentine belts, steering, new batteries! It’s going to cost a fortune to fix them all. I’m getting discouraged about keeping up with all of the costs of living.  And yet fixing the cars costs less than buying new ones. It’s not just about the monthly payments, although all of our vehicles are paid off. It is partly because the insurance payments would go up too. The vehicles don’t LOOK old and beat up, but they are getting old. I would like to just keep driving them forever. I hope things get better soon!