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Every pool should be fenced in

Whenever my sister-in-law starts talking about the new in-ground swimming pool that she is planning to have installed at her house later this summer my thoughts return to a time in my life when my ex-hubby and I had just gotten married and had bought our very first house. It was a charming old cape style house with dormer windows on the second floor, a fireplace in the living room, a two car attached garage and an in-ground pool. The problem we had, though, was that the fence pool was missing a gate and so there were times that critters found their way into the pool. I can remember one day finding a snapping turtle in our pool! I was none too happy about that discovery, I’ll tell you that!

My secret garden

Every year I enjoy going to the spring flower shows, so I can drool over all of the gorgeous professional landscaping designs and take lots of photographs to take home to show my husband my favorite ones to keep in mind when he is working in our yard.

I was looking though the photographs of last year’s flower show and trying to find the picture of the landscaping scene that had a bamboo fence surrounding the design. I can remember that there was a path that went through the garden, there was a pond with a pretty little waterfall that cascaded down some realistic looking artificial and fed into a small stream that wound through the display. I can remember that when I saw that display that I was thinking that it would look great in the north-east corner of our property.

An avoidable tragedy

Guest post by Linda Bradshaw

When my hubby and I moved into our first house, we were so excited to share our joy with our friends. So we had a big Independence Day party; complete with a pot-luck barbecue and pool party. The guests were completely enamored of our litter of five week old keeshond puppies, which were confined inside their six foot tall chain link kennel run.

One of our guests (which I did not want invited but hubby insisted) decided that he would light a string of black cat firecrackers and throw them into the kennel run. The quick bang-bang-bang and yelp-yelp-yelp brought my hubby and me running quickly to see what in the world was going on. When we saw the inebriated guest laughing at the upset puppies, we asked him to leave the party. Needless to say, feelings were hurt.

The next morning when we went out to feed the puppies, we discovered that someone had removed them from their kennel and put them inside the fenced in pool area. The puppies had all drowned in the pool. My heart was completely broken. Later that day we went to the pool supply store and bought a pool cover for our swimming pool in the hopes that this kind of tragedy never happens again. And I never spoke to that guy that had thrown firecrackers into the puppy pen, as we suspect that he was the one responsible for relocating the puppies. It would have been impossible for the puppies to escape their pen and enter the fenced in pool area on their own.