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Buying diamonds

Posted by Mary Anne on 04/18/2014
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I learned a long time ago that if I wanted to get the best deal on a diamond ring, that it is a good idea to shop around between different stores for diamond prices. There is often a huge difference in prices for the exact same quality diamond between stores. I also learned that the best way to save money on a diamond ring, that I could save up to 30% if I bought the diamond by itself and then had it put into a setting of my choice. I learned about the 4C’s of diamonds, cut, clarity, carat and color, and how important they are and how they affect the cost of the diamonds. This is all good information to know when shopping for a diamond!

So, I guess in search of a social life for my family, I am going to be turning to the Internet. Seems like the Internet has been playing a huge role in our family life lately! 

There is a new Internet site that compares online dating and matchmaking services that I have been looking at. I’ve been poking around on the site and have found interesting reading about the different Internet online dating and matchmaking services that are out there. I found some sites that compare a lot of the different ones, which I think makes it a handy resource to help figure out which service might be right for the consumer to use.

There are sites that have a lot of interesting articles that simply talk about dating online and matchmaking in general. I was just reading an article titled “The Path to Romance or Not” that talks about whether to just try online dating or actually go to a matchmaking service. I guess I really hadn’t thought about that much, but there IS a difference between the two!

Another article I read helps the consumer try to decide whether to even try online dating in the first place, and gives guidance on how to get started.

I think my favorite article I read about the subject gives advice on “Finding your Soul Mate.” It was my favorite because it gives the exact same advice I’ve been giving to my kids for years!

When running a business, one of the most important decisions one makes from an administrative aspect is whether or not to accept credit cards as a form of payment. There are pros and cons to accepting credit cards. Accepting credit cards expands your customer base; more customers will be inclined to buy your product or service if you accept credit cards. However, accepting credit cards will cost your business money in the way of fees. So you have to weigh out the costs and the benefits and decide if it is worth it.

A lot of businesses have made the decision to accept credit cards but offer their customers that pay with cash a cash discount to encourage them to pay with cash instead of credit cards. I’ve heard that some gas stations have decided to stop accepting credit cards at all! But I think that is a bad decision, the culture of America now has credit cards firmly entrenched into its psyche. 

Just met some new neighbors from Calgary Canada!

Posted by Mary Anne on 03/31/2014
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We just met our newest neighbors that moved in down the street a couple of days ago. They are from Calgary Canada! They moved down here with a son and two dogs. They left behind a married daughter, who still lives in Calgary.

The daughter in Calgary has three very young children. We’ve invited them to join us for supper this Friday night. They seem like very nice people!

Renting a New York Limo

Posted by Mary Anne on 03/25/2014
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My youngest son, who attends Princeton, called me last night to tell me about his upcoming plans as the end of the school year is approaching. He and his friends enjoy going to New York on the weekends and take advantage of all of the culture they can soak up while in the area. They have decided that they want to celebrate the end of the school year by renting a limousine to take them around New York in style for a few hours one night.

They are thinking about maybe going up to Mohegan Sun, or perhaps Atlantic City as part of the “end of the school year” celebration.  They can rent one of the limos to take them there, too!

They went online to look at the different limos that they can rent and to get limo rental service rates. They had a really hard time choosing which limo to rent, they have so many great ones – they all really liked the Hummer limos! But they think that they will settle on a 2008 Escalade because it is set up like a disco, so they can party while they are riding around in style!