I can’t believe we drove that far for a pair of shoes!

Well, we did it! We drove 64 miles one way to buy a pair of those crazy Z-Coil shoes! I thought my hubby was planning to buy a pair, too, but when we got to the store and he saw how ugly they were he would not even try a pair on to see how the felt! I really thought it was too bad, if he had at least tried on a pair and someone someday talks about those shoes he could say “oh yeah, I tried on a pair of those once!” But he had this look of disgust on his face that would not come off. 

Well, the shoes ARE ugly, but they are comfortable. So I bought a pair of them for myself. I NEED a comfortable pair of shoes, I am going to be working in a job where I stand up all day long, and I’m not used to doing that. So I want the most comfortable pair of shoes I can find! They cost me over $200, so I sure hope they are worth it and make my feet “happy” when I’m working in them! If they do, then they will be worth their weight in gold!

Crazy shoes

I’m waiting for my hubby to get ready to go shopping for shoes with me. We’re planning on buying some of those crazy Z-Coil shoes, and the closest store that sells them is 64 miles away! The experts say that you should never buy shoes before 2pm, so we should be getting to the store just about right on time! I printed off directions to the store from Mapquest, and we’re taking our GPS, so I hope we can find it OK, it’s in a town that I haven’t been to in over 30 years!

Businesses along Main Street are closing down

As I drive down Main Street of our hometown, I have noticed over the past several months that more and more businesses are closing down, and the buildings just boarded up. I have not had time to keep up with the local news, so I don’t know if someone is buying all of the buildings and planning to tear them down and put in new buildings, or if it a “sign of the times” that Main Street is simply dying due to the invasion of big box stores like Wal-Mart and Target. I really don’t know what is happening; it is a mystery to me.

Training my little white doggie

In an earlier post, you might have seen two pictures of my little white doggie, PITA. He came to live with us a year ago. He was a stray, wandered into our yard on the coldest day of the year. He was so small; I thought he was a puppy. I took pity on the little guy and decided to let him in the house so I could call his owners to come get him. Long story short, he had no identification on him. I called all the neighbors, the local animal shelters, the area vets, the police, all the local breeders, and the newspapers. No one ever claimed him, and so he became a member of our family.

When he came to us, he was not house-broken or obedience trained in any way. That’s one reason I thought he was a puppy. Turns out that he was NOT a puppy, he had all his adult teeth! But, apparently he was kennelled outdoors with other dogs, and never trained. We found out that he was deaf and partially blind!

That made training the little guy very challenging, since he can’t hear, and can barely see!

So far, we have made great progress in the housebreaking department, and have trained him with hand signals (and treats!) to walk with a leash, come, sit, shake hands (paws) and lie down. We are working on the fetch, but he only will do it as long as he is interested in playing tug of war with us when he brings the toy back to us. I’d like to train him to do more tricks, but he is resisting the roll-over training.

Wendy’s Restaurants

I really like going to Wendy’s restaurants for their great burgers! And I like their baked potatoes. Their french fries are not as good as McDonald’s, but they are tolerable if they are hot and sprinkled with salt. I do wish they offered a salt substitute! I really enjoy their salads, too! Considering that salads are one of my least favorite foods, that is really saying something!

All that being said, I hate their restrooms! I have never been inside a Wendy’s restroom where there was a clean dry place to put a coat or a purse. In the winter time, I wear a coat that goes below my hips, and when I use the bathroom I like to take it off and put it on a hook. And I like to put my purse on a shelf or a hook. Wendy’s has neither, and I really don’t want to dump my coat and purse on the floor or in the sink. The sinks are stand-alone sinks with no counter space to put anything, so if I do put my purse and/or coat in the sink they usually get wet.

So, Wendy’s, hear my plea! Put hooks and shelves in the bathroom!