Best Time of Year To Buy a Home

If you’re looking to buy a home, you may be wondering when the best time to do so is.  Most people would probably say spring or summer, when everyone’s yards look their best and the weather is perfect for open houses, but have you ever considered looking during the holidays? It sounds a bit daft, after all that’s the time of year when most of us are at our busiest and the weather is at its worst, but buying real estate then has some real advantages.

There’s less competition from other buyers, and sellers with homes on the market that time of year are more willing to make compromises and work with buyers.

If you’re willing to brave the winter weather and carve some time out of your busy holiday schedule, you could find some real bargains! Another perk of looking at homes this time of year is that many sellers, aware of the difficulties of traveling in bad weather and during busy holiday times, add walk through videos to their listings as a virtual open house. You can tour the home from the comfort of yours and ask all the questions you want.

So take a look at what’s on the market this holiday season and you just might get the best holiday present ever.

Tried a new dinner entree last night

I had a coupon for a Smithfield’s seasoned pork roast, so I decided to buy one last week and we tried it out last night. It was the one that is seasoned with herbs and stuffed with Wild Rice.  It took longer to cook than it was supposed to, which I guess is normal for most roasts – it is aggravating when the directions say 22 minutes per pound and you have 1 1/2 pounds and it takes an hour to cook! I know the temperature on my oven is good, I bought TWO oven thermometers and they say it is right on. Anyway, it took longer to cook than it was supposed to, which is aggravating.

I guess my entire family is not a big fan of heavily seasoned items, we found this to be way too spicy hot with black pepper and way too heavy on the garlic. We would have liked it much better if the seasoning was cut in half. I might buy it again and then wipe off half of the seasoning before cooking it!


My hubby enjoys entering contests. He buys scratch tickets and lottery tickets. Whenever we go anywhere if there is a raffle or contest, he is signing right up for it! He has pretty good luck with scratch tickets, but I don’t think he’s won anything huge (yet!)

It sure would be nice to win a big lottery prize!  He’s all excited right now about a website that he found that holds online contests. They hold free online contests every day and have cash prizes, all of which are distributed. 

You have to sign up for membership in order to play the games. Once you are a member, you have unlimited chances to play and solve each game. The first member to solve the game wins the cash or the prize. The harder the game, the bigger the prize. They claim that every prize will be distributed; every game will have a winner. I don’t trust it, though. I am concerned about hackers and identity theft. Am I too jaded?

Do You Need New Furniture?

When the time comes to buy new furniture, you’ll want to consider your options carefully. After all, this furniture will become the focal point of your living room for years to come, making it a very important decision. If you are in the market for Grand Rapids furniture, have a look around to find the perfect match for your home.


Perhaps the main reason why you might be looking for new furniture is if your existing couch and chairs are dated. Nothing holds back the appearance of a room more than having tired, dated furniture. With that being said, buying some new furniture can quickly update the look of the entire room and will cost you much less than going through with major renovations.


We’re all visited homes with broken furniture and it isn’t a good look. When the leg is broken on a couch or the upholstery is ripped on a chair, it makes the room look run down and uncared for. Luckily, by investing in some new furniture, you can fix this problem right away.


If you have kids or pets, your furniture is probably stained and dirty. When you do decide to update your furniture, consider having a stain guard applied to protect it.

Frustrated Over Politics

One of the things that has frustrated me for years is how I have several friends and relatives that insist on talking politics with me at inappropriate times. I’m speaking about those people who have completely opposite political views than I do, and they are not open-minded enough to listen to any opposing viewpoint. They want to present their opinion as fact, and they want to shove it down my throat and get highly offended if I don’t immediately agree with them. They usually choose a time when we are at a location where checking facts is impossible. Usually in a moving car, or in a restaurant or other public place.

They have known for years what political party I favor, and they seem to make it their mission to insult and slander every leader in that party. I have asked them repeatedly to not talk about politics with me, yet they ignore my request. Very frustrating. If I could simply avoid these people, I would. I’ve thought about telling them I agree with them (even though I don’t) but I value honesty, and I really don’t want to keep hearing them tear down the people who I support with their lies.