Contact lenses for my sister

My sister has had a terrible time with her eyes. Back in 1977 her eye doctor convinced her to try hard contact lenses. She had a terrible time with those things. They were horribly uncomfortable, made her eyes water and her nose run. Those things made it nearly impossible for her to apply any kind of eye makeup. Although she did not have any trouble inserting the lenses, she had a horrible time removing them every night. She would pull at the corners of her eyes and blink really hard for about 15 minutes at night until her eyes were sore. Then she would fill a large pot full of water and stick her head in it and open her eyes under water, hoping the lenses would fall out. (Although her doctor told her that would work, it didn’t.)

She went to the local emergency room about ten times in desperation because she couldn’t remove them. Finally a friend of hers gave her a little suction cup to use (she had an extra one) and she would use that to remove the lens. When she got pregnant with her first baby, her doctor told her that pregnancy would change her eyes and that she had to stop wearing the contacts. Once the baby was born she decided that she did not have the time or patience to deal with trying to get those things out, and she simply stopped.

About 1989 she went to a different eye doctor for her eye exam and he convinced her to try semi-soft lenses. Those lenses would not stay in place – they floated around her eyes all day long. After about a year of trying to get lenses that would stay in place, she gave up and swore that she would never try contacts again!

Vacation in Playa de Carmen

Many years ago my father and stepmother went on a vacation in Mexico. I was still very young then, just a teenager. I remember when they came back from their vacation how much fun they said that they had, and the great souvenirs that they brought back with them. I have a lot of other friends that I’ve met in my adult life who have vacationed in Mexico and come back with stories of how wonderful the vacation was.

I’d love to take a Mexican vacation and go to Playa de Carmen. I love vacations on the beach, I find them so very relaxing. From what I understand, Playa de Carmen is on the beach, yet is within reasonable driving distance of the Mayan ruins, (which is something that I’ve always wanted to go see.)

I am going to talk to my hubby about planning to go there on our next vacation if we can work it out. I’m going to see what kind of vacation rentals I can find on the beach, but hopefully near enough the nightlife so that we can go out for a little bit of evening fun if we feel like it. When we go on vacation, I really prefer renting a condo, so I will be searching for condo rentals on the website to see what they have available to fit our needs.

Surf’s Up!

My son told me last night that this summer vacation he wants to take surf lessons by going to a special interest summer camp! He has always enjoyed outdoor physical activity, and he has been especially fond of water sports. He took to water like he was a fish! 

I was never a good swimmer, but I loved to water-ski, so I can understand his appreciation of fun in the water! As a younger child, however, he never enjoyed going to summer camps, so at some point I stopped encouraging him to go to any kind of camp, let alone an overnight camp. I guess this is just another sign that he’s growing up!

He has already done some research on the surf camp that he wants to go to. They offer camps in several convenient locations, so he needs to decide which one he wants to go to. He is looking into signing up for one of the teen summer camps. He tells me that the company also offers family adventure surf camps and adult swim camps. I’m not sure if he is trying to get me to sign up with him for a family adventure camp.

I’ve always enjoyed watching movies and television shows that show surfing, and enjoy watching surfing if and when that is going on at a beach I happen to be at, I think that I am not in good enough shape to survive such strenuous activity! Besides, as I said, I’m not a very good swimmer, I’m more the type to enjoy spectator sports at this point in my life! But if HE wants to surf, I’m more than happy to encourage him to do it!

Allergy Meds

My son is having a hard time with allergies this year. I guess there are things blooming and in the air here in the mountains that we didn’t have in New England. His eyes are red and watery and  for that matter, so is his nose!

I’ve tried buying the tissues with lotion, but no one in my house likes them. The lotion might be good for your skin, but it makes me feel like my nose is still wet and I keep wiping it.

I am glad they sell Claritin over the counter now. When they were prescription meds they cost the same price per pill, but you had to pay for the doctor’s office visit, too.  At least now you can save that time and money and go buy what you need for a simple allergy.

Lasik surgery for eyes

I’ve heard on the news that there has been some recent controversy about the safety of Lasik surgery for eyes. I heard that there was a FDA Lasik recently, where the FDA was given information by an independent company, USAEyes that Lasik surgery was, in essence, a safe procedure.   

The USAEyes organization is a non-profit organization that does not accept advertising, and provides its services to patients for free. Their website provides unbiased information about Lasik, lists Lasik doctors who meet specific patient outcome requirements, recommends steps to take to avoid problems and answers most of the questions a patient might have about Lasik.